Weight Off Your Mind

Have you struggled with your weight for years?

  • Are you a yo-yo dieter?
  • Do you feel your life is on hold until you get slimmer?
  • Do you envy other people's fitness level?
  • Are you comparing yourself to super slim celebrities?
  • Do you lack confidence because you feel overweight?
  • Do you sometimes find yourself binge eating?
  • Do you think other people are more successful because they are slimmer?
  • Is food a consolation when life seems difficult?
  • Do you feel in control when you eat less?
  • Is food ruling your life?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these questions it’s maybe time to try a different approach. 

Weight Off Your Mind is an effective weight loss programme which promotes healthy eating and regular exercise and aims to reduce the anxiety associated with food and body image.

The programme is available to anyone who feels unhappy with their shape, regardless of size, age or fitness level.

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My experience

As a Psychiatric nurse, Counsellor, Fitness coach, Pilates and Yoga Instructor I have worked with clients with weight problems for most of my life. 

My own experience tells me that dieting can encourage food obsessions and lower self esteem and while it may be successful in the short term, ultimately it fails to maintain lower body fat. A holistic approach which works with your body, mind, feelings and promotes a strong more permanent sense of wellbeing, health, and weight stability, will be much more successful in the long term.

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The Approach

To lose weight and maintain a healthy shape, dieting alone is not enough. It creates the rollercoaster effect of feeling successful and a complete failure causing the discomfort of mood swings. It attacks the symptoms while ignoring the underlying cause.

How many times do we lose weight on a diet only to put it all back on again often with more weight gain. Failure does not make for high self esteem and the 'What the hell I 'd may as well stuff my face' approach kicks in.

Weight Off Your Mind is a group programme and is about learning to understand your emotional connection to food. We ask you to share your experience with the group whilst supporting and encouraging each other towards self acceptance.

What's involved?

Weight off your mind is an 8 week programme and runs as a group of 8 to 10 people who work together for the full course. It's important to try to attend all the sessions and is not available on a drop in basis. 

The first session is a one to one session to find out what you want to achieve and to look at your relationship with food. In this session we work together to think about your goals.
The next 7 sessions will be in group format. We will meet once a week. It's about sharing experiences, supporting each other, nutrition, pitfalls, triggers, self-esteem and success tactics for life.

Once you've completed the programme we follow up by meeting once a month to review progress and make adjustments to keep you on track.

Difficulties may have surfaced so a number of interventions including individual and couple counselling, Pilates, Yogasculpt, Personal Training and fitness programmes are available at a separate cost depending on what is needed.

Weight off your Mind can be offered on an one to one basis at a negotiated price.


£225 for 8 week group course.
Includes 1 individual session and 7 group sessions.

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Monthly maintenance meeting to monitor progress and offer additional support: £25.


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Call Paula on 07754 752 654 or email her at paula@life-wize.co.uk