Corporate Health & Fitness Programmes

"A fit healthy workforce can give your organisation
the edge in tough times and help you accelerate in the good ones"

- Paula Bell

A programme incorporating Pilates and Yoga to improve posture, help alleviate back problems and energise people who sit at a desk most of their working day.

Also an energising intervention for conference breaks or simply as a wake up and refocus during the day.

This 30-minute Yoga/Pilates based programme is designed to release tension, improve concentration and refresh mind and body. We start by acknowledging anything that may be impairing concentration, preoccupying mind or creating anxiety and encourage you to move it aside for now. I use techniques to help release tension and relax. The session brings your focus into the present and shares techniques to stay in the 'here and now'.

The session involves mobilisation of joints and gently strengthens muscles to prevent injury and improve flexibility.

These sessions can be arranged in the your workplace. No special equipment is needed.

The cost for the above by request.

Please contact me for details or phone me for a chat about options.

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