Tim Newall Watson - Facilitator and Coach

I work alongside Paula’s therapy practice as a group facilitator, career and life coach.

Why work with a Coach?

It may be you want to think about your career or life’s direction, a broader vision for your future, to set life goals or work out some of the practical objectives and steps which will help you get where you want to go to.

Perhaps you’re going around in circles in your mind without sensing the way forward….frozen to the spot not knowing how to get going or where to go to. Do you have a sense of this but need some help to get clearer?

You might be experiencing a tough time in your working life and would like support to work this through.

On the other hand if your work and life are going well but you still sense you have the potential to make much more out of it and want support to think this into the light of day then coaching can be an very effective process.

It can catalyse and bring to the surface and ‘bring out’ what’s within you…a birthing of your own deeper insights and a plan for action, change and acceptance. Insight is a powerful energy that fuels this drive to change or remain.

What you’ll experience from me is a deeper listening and questioning than is usual or practical in everyday life. Coaching provides a thoughtful blend of both challenge and support. My approach has a kind heart but because it asks you to work on yourself ‘in your own laboratory’ it can be tough at times as well as extremely rewarding. All of this is done from a position of unconditional, positive regard for you and in an environment that allows your full senses to come into play.

Coaching produces the best results when you feel safe to bring your whole self to the process…. feelings, thoughts and presence.

Our sessions will be a catalyst for taking action. They’ll provide an opportunity to craft and plan how to try this out back in your workplace and in your life.

To find out more call Tim on 07771 791234 or email him at

Tim specialises in group facilitation as well as career, life and executive coaching and has honed this knowledge over 30 years working with people from a wide range of cultures, identities, lifestages,, backgrounds and experience.

Session cost per hour: £60.

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