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I work with the belief that we are made up of a complex combination of physical, mental and emotional energies

Our conscious and unconscious thoughts operate and maintain our body and its life support systems. We fall out of balance when, over time, disruptive and self-destructive thoughts and feelings adversely affect not only our relationships but imbalance and put our body into dis-ease. Often, it’s only when we get physically ill that we take notice and act to get better. The causes can be rooted in dysfunctional feelings,thinking and behaviour.

Psychological difficulties and tensions can be held and trapped in our bodies. These increase the production of cortisol and adrenaline-.the fight, flight and freeze hormones. With no physical outlet they sit and stir up trouble within causing general inflammation. This may lead to all kinds of trouble-sleep disturbance, stomach and bladder problems, immune system deficiency, high blood pressure, heart disease, dementia, arthritis, colds and flu and general body fatigue. Inflammation is a major contributing factor in most illness and disease.

Getting back into healthy balance needs a comprehensive approach to treatment calling on any one of a number of interventions whether counselling, psychotherapy, physical exercise, better sleep, healthy nutrition, relaxation and the practice of mindfulness.

My practice encompasses all of these with the aim of helping you to an improved quality of life.

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I’ve been working with clients physical health since 1980 and a fully qualified instructor and have taught classes in Aerobics, Step, Bodypump, RPM, Core stability, Yoga, Pilates, Weights and Gym equipment programmes. For those who want to work one to one I offer personal training sessions.

Currently I run Yogasculpt (a yoga and pilates combination) and Pure Pilates sessions which compliment my psychological approach to providing a fuller sense of wellness for clients.

Having studied nutrition and nutritional supplementation and provided one to one programmes for over 30 years its clear that in our busy lives we sometimes fail to eat a regular and balanced diet. Our body’s needs can change as we get older and as life circumstances develop. Our body composition, basal metabolic rate, level of activity, illness or disease all play their part. A dietary and supplementation review may help you to decide how to accommodate these changes.

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