Sex and Relationship Therapy

“Let’s talk about sex”

Sex is often the most difficult subject for many couples. It can be embrassing, uncomfortable and sometimes humiliating to acknowledge you have a sexual difficulty.

Sex in the early stages of a relationship can be exciting and fun.If that changes it may feel like something major has gone wrong and the relationship is falling apart. However, many of us struggle with some kind of sexual difficulty at different times in our life. Problems may surface from your first sexual encounter and continue throughout your sexual life or may just disappear without any treatment. Psychosexual therapy is appropriate if you persistently experience an issue during sex.

Talking to each other about sex is often something couples feel should be unnecessary and that good sex should just happen spontaneously with little or no verbal communication. It doesn’t always work like that especially as other things begin to impact the relationship, such as anxiety; depression, birth of children, job changes, loss and bereavement,ageing or illness.

Sex becomes the elephant in the room, easier to avoid than risk rejection! Sex becomes “ no man’s land, “ in which the risk of initiating can mean you get shot down which can open a can of worms. Often too painful to contemplate, couples stop having sex to avoid being hurt.

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Here as some of the common sexual difficulties that I treat:-

  • Erectile Dysfunction: an inability to maintain an erection
  • Loss of sexual desire
  • Vaginismus: involuntary contraction of pelvic floor muscles making it painful or very difficult to have sexual intercourse
  • Vulvodynia: nerve pain in the opening of the vagina
  • Dyspareunia: painful intercourse
  • Anorgasmia: inability to have an orgasm

You may have another sexual problems not mentioned here which can be treated. Some of these may also have biological as well as a psychological causes. Occasionally I’ll recommend you consult your medical professional in addition to the work I can do with you.

I work with heterosexual couples, same sex couples, single people and those in open or polyamorous relationships.



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