Intimate Connection

Couple workshops in small groups

Lost that loving feeling?

At the beginning it can feel like a heady cocktail of excitement and fun. You feel so attracted to your partner that you simply can’t get enough of each other!

The potent mix of ingredients that fires this up are: -
  • Oxytocin (often referred to as ‘the love drug’) due to its addictive bonding properties
  • Testosterone and oestrogen which drive lust….a strong aphrodisiac
  • Dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin which create that feeling of attraction
  • Vasopressin which creates the bond of attachment

With this mix of natural chemicals and hormones coursing around your bodies no wonder you can’t resist each other!

Every cell in your whole body feels invigorated, healthy and actually glows! Research suggests you are less likely to become ill because your immune system is strengthened.

Couples often wish to wind back the clock to that magic time in their lives. Whilst it’s not possible to go back we can move forward to create a deeper more intimate loving and lasting connection.


But what goes wrong in the first place?

When couples spend more time with each other, live together and maybe have children some of these feelings start to dissipate. We begin to magnify differences instead of similarities which may lead us to question our compatibility and the meaning of our relationship.

Life gets in the way. We change the focus from being all about each other to work, children, finances, friends, hobbies, and other things. It can feel difficult to find enough time for each other when previously it seemed like we had all the time in the world which Louis Armstrong captured so beautifully through the words of his song...

“We have all the time in the world
Time enough for life
To unfold all the precious things
Love has in store”

- Louis Armstrong

However, before you know it you may find yourselves facing other difficulties such as death of a loved one, a traumatic birth, miscarriage, fertility issues, problems with children, money worries, illness…the list goes on. Hardly surprising we may need a little extra help!

The impact on your relationship can be huge and may cause you to feel more distant from each other.

If you can answer YES to some of the questions below maybe it’s time to take stock, reflect and get your relationship back on track....

Do you find you’re so busy you pass each other like ships in the night?

Do you irritate each other, bicker, and have frequent arguments?

Do you feel lonely in your relationship?

Are you looking for an affair to compensate for something lacking?

Do you fear you’re drifting apart?

Do you feel things have been building up but don’t know how to begin talking about them?

Do you sometimes wonder what life would look like without your partner?

Do you miss the intimate connection you once had?

Are you looking to fall in love all over again?

Are you ready to re-energize your life together?

Are you willing to open your heart?

If you’re in a long-term relationship and have begun to feel bored you may be taking each other for granted or perhaps you are in the early stages of a relationship and would like to create a strong foundation to avoid some of the frustrations you have experienced in the past.

Our Intimate Connections programme will help you to understand how the past has impacted your relationship and to find new ways of being together in the future.

You’ll learn to: -

  • Develop effective new communication skills
  • Resolve long standing conflicts with compassion
  • Rediscover the passion, attraction and intimacy that first brought you together
  • Listen and feel heard in a new way
  • Deepen the level of empathy between you

So why not join a small group of other couples looking to find a more positive path forward and rediscover that lost, intimate and loving connection.


The Programme and how it works

Your time together will be guided by Paula, a sex and relationship therapist and Tim, a group facilitator who will support you to work through any couple issues. There will be time to try out new ways of interacting and to share your experience and learning with other couples. This will help you to feel less isolated and to recognise others also share similar struggles.

However broken you may feel your relationship is, this is a chance to make it more solid and resilient.

As Ernest Hemingway describes it:-

“The world breaks everyone and afterwards many are strong at the broken places” - Ernest Hemingway

The Programme

  • An introductory 60-minute couple session
  • 6 sessions of interactive 2-hour couple workshops
  • Couple and group focused interventions
  • Take home tools to practice after each session

Your investment

  • £600.00 per couple for the full programme
  • £70.00 for an introductory 60-minute couple therapy session with both course leaders, which will help to decide if this is for you (Deducted when full Intimate Connection course is booked)

****This is a small group format so places are limited***

Call Paula on 07754 752 654 or email her at