Individual Counselling

There are a number of reasons why you might feel in need of counselling:

1) Have you recently experienced a loss or bereavement and are finding it very difficult to move forward and face the future

2) Are you struggling with anxiety, phobias, panic attacks or compulsive, ritualistic behaviour

3) Do you feel continually low, lacking in energy and purpose or struggle with mood swings

4) Do you sometimes feel like you want to escape from everything?

5) Are you finding yourself increasingly becoming dependent on alcohol, drugs, food, medication, gambling or sex and want to do something about it

Are you searching for a new direction and want to make some changes in your life?

Maybe you’ve been bullied at school or in the workplace.

Perhaps you are looking to understand your sexuality or come out as how you really are.

You may feel as if you've lost your sense of yourself and are struggling to make decisions.

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start. Counselling can help you to become clearer about what's going on and lead the way to a more rewarding life.

Whatever’s troubling you it can be helpful to have someone who listens and helps you gain a clearer perspective and understanding of yourself.


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