Sex and Love Addiction

The discovery of sex addiction is like a lightening strike shattering your relationship and making the ground your both standing on unstable

Each person needs support to understand what is happening to them and their partner.

Forgiveness and rebuilding trust are slow, difficult processes fraught with setbacks but possible with experienced professional help. Many couples have built a new stronger relationship from the remnants of their old relationship.

We offer counselling for the person with compulsive behaviour and the traumatised partner through individual and group therapy. 

Love and sex addiction are similar in many ways. In both cases you feel obsessively driven to search for something that is missing from your life. It can be difficult to stop this behaviour even though you recognise it is destructive and stops you focusing on the bigger picture of your life and reaching your goals.

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Sex Addiction

Do sexual thoughts dominate your life and has it been like this for a long time?
Do you seek more sexual stimulation when you are struggling emotionally?
Do you fear that others will find out about your secret life?
Do you sometimes feel ashamed of your thoughts and behaviour?

Sex Addiction is a powerful force that can take over your life, impact your relationships and jeopardise your job or financial security.

Partners Support Group

“You’ve had a real shock”

You’ve just discovered, suspected for a while or been told by your partner that they are having sex with another person or even several people and maybe over a long time and without you knowing.

You may feel sick to your stomach, furious, heartbroken, unable to sleep.

You thought you knew them.
Your world has been turned upside down and inside out.
Everything you thought you had has gone.
You feel foolish! Why didn’t you see these signs.
You want to trash everything that went before the discovery.

You feel like you can’t trust anything anymore.

What’s real? What’s a lie?

They were away a lot and didn’t communicate.
They hid their phone or had two.
They were often distant, and you felt the lack of connection.

You’re thinking.....

Do you have a future together and even if yes would you, can you trust them again?
How do you live with yourself if you stay in this relationship?
What would people say if they knew?

How would they view you? You may feel a sense of shame about even being with your partner.

How do you deal with your feelings-your anger, your sadness-the humiliation and feeling that you are not good enough?

What do you do now?
Who can help you with such a humiliating private matter?

You can come to see me for a number of individual sessions, while I am also seeing your partner for individual therapy. Or you may wish to see another therapist ( I can refer you to someone who is also trained and experienced in working with sex addiction).

We also run small partner support groups of up to 8 people:

  • They run weekly
  • These are for people like you who have had a shock or who are finding it hard to cope and want to work out what to do
  • You’ll have a chance to express, along with others, how you feel and you’ll hear others tell their stories.  This can help you to feel supported and not alone any more.
  • We’ll help you to work out what to do together. You’ll be supported and led by an experienced counsellor and a coach

Paula and Tim together facilitate therapeutic groups with clients impacted by various relationship issues.

Paula has worked extensively with individuals, couples and partners struggling with sex addiction.

Tim Newall Watson joins Paula in this work to bring group facilitation and programme design expertise.

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Love Addiction

Are you constantly searching for the “perfect partner”?
Do you fall ‘head over heels’ in love easily?
Do you keep choosing the wrong person and getting hurt?
Do you struggle to feel good about yourself when your not in a relationship?

Love addiction is a powerful force that can take over your life, impact your relationships and jeopardise your job or financial security.

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