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"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself "
George Bernard Shaw

Paula's Yogasculpt

Better than chocolate and sex put together. Get turned on by the Pilates and Yoga combination class, designed to lengthen and strengthen muscles.

This session will sculpt long, lean, flexible muscles promoting strength without bulk. It will also develop discipline and aid relaxation. A unique, challenging opportunity to experience something different. After the class you will feel like you have just had a deep stimulating massage. For the best results combine with a Pilates course.

Beginners Class
Introduces Yoga poses and Pilates principles, helping you to learn correct posture alignment, challenging core stability and strength You will quickly notice your shape changing as butt tightens, tummy flattens, arms and legs look more streamlined.

Intermediate Class
A physically demanding work-out! Poses can be challenging and flow continuously from one to the other. Results are astounding if you come on a regular basis. Excellent for those who may already have a good level of fitness, but are not spending time stretching long and deep enough to release tight muscles.

It's difficult to achieve the body you really desire if your programme does not focus on strengthening smaller muscles and lengthening larger muscles.

It seems common sense that lots of deep, stretching held for long enough to develop flexibility will not only prevent injury but elongate and sculpt the muscles. A balance between strength and flexibility is desirable to achieve the very best results.

Pilates strengthens core muscles of back and abdominals while Yoga lengthens and sculpts body shape. Yogasculpt is my unique combination of both.

Its important to learn correct techniques from the beginning therefore my classes and personal training sessions demonstrate my powerful technical ability and attention to detail.

Focus and concentration help to get the most out of a workout and free the mind from the overload of daily struggles. I believe in the power of a fit body to boost self confidence, lift low mood and help people to feel stronger and more in control of their life.

Cost of classes

8 weeks Beginners £52
8 weeks Intermediate £52
1 class Drop in £7

Time and location of classes

Beginners Monday 6.00pm Medusa
Intermediate Monday 7.30pm Medusa

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early.
Bring Yoga mat, towel and water.


Studio Below Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AF.
Free parking in street after 6.30pm.

Call my mobile for a fast response 07754752654
Phone 0131 478 0458