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Perfect Posture Pilates

The techniques were pioneered by Joseph Pilates some 90 years ago to improve body strength, shape, posture and mobility. Pilates develops strong abdominal and spinal muscles and aims to increase body awareness.

Balance and flexibility are emphasized over bulky muscles, and more effective breathing techniques are developed. It is fairly easy on the body and can be taken up by most people regardless of shape, size, age or exercise experience.

Athletes and dancers may use it to improve their performance but it is also helpful for people suffering from neck, back or shoulder pain.

Your body will be transformed by developing long, lean, strong muscles, a flattened tummy, firmer bottom and better posture!

Classes run as an eight week course from complete beginners to intermediate levels. It is vital to learn the basic principles from the start to gain maximum benefit.

Cost of classes

8 weeks Beginners level 1 £56
8 weeks Intermediate level 2 £56
8 weeks Intermediate level 3 £56

Intermediate classes use various equipment

Time and location of classes

Beginners level 1 Wednesday 7.45pm Medusa
Beginners level 2 Thursday 6.00pm Medusa
Beginners Thursday 1.30pm Butterflies Cafe
Intermediate level 3 Wednesday 6.30pm Medusa

Please arrive no more than 10 minutes early, door closes promptly at start of class. Bring Yoga mat, towel and water.


Studio Below Medusa, 26 Bread Street, Edinburgh EH3 9AF.
Free parking in street after 6.30pm.

Butterflies Café, St.Giles Church, 1A, Kilgraston Road, Marchmont, Edinburgh EH9 2VW

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