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Make the most of yourself for that is all there is of you.
Ralph Waldo Emerson

Personal Training
  • Do you want to achieve more from your fitness programme?
  • How would it be to spend less time working out and achieve more?
  • Would you like help with motivation?
  • Would you like a programme designed just for your body?
  • Do you require extra help because of injury or illness?
  • Are you overweight or simply unfit and find the idea of going to a class intimidating?
  • Are you new to Pilates or Yogasculpt and would like to get a head start before joining a class?
  • Have you been a member of a gym and found you don't use it?
  • Do you have neck, shoulder, back or joint problems?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I'd love to meet you and talk about how personal training might help. I believe if you really want it, it can be done regardless of age or fitness level.

I want to see you achieve your goals, so will push you a bit further and offer encouragement when you need it. You get total support, commitment and motivation from me.

My approach is to encourage rather than intimidate, it is about finding the difference between a challenge and a struggle.

Exercising will no longer be a chore! Your workout will be much more effective than training alone, losing weight and shaping up becomes much easier. You will know you are exercising safely with correct techniques at all times under expert guidance, minimising the risk of injuries and progressing at the right pace for you.

Everybody can be transformed by improving posture, toning abdominals, back and stretching out muscles, regardless of size and shape.


Initial consultation and posture assesment 60 minutes £40*
1 session 60 minutes £40
1 session for 2 people 60 minutes £50

Block bookings available. Small groups on request

Your home or office may be possible depending on location.
City centre studios available just contact me to discuss the best option for you.

Call my mobile for a fast response 07754752654
Phone 0131 478 0458
Email paula@life-wize.co.uk