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"A fit healthy workforce can give your organisation
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Paula Bell

Corporate Training

A programme incorporating Pilates and Yoga to improve posture, help alleviate back problems and energise people who sit at a desk most of their working day , can be used at conferences or simply as a wake up  during the day.

Relax and Revitalise

This is a 30-minute programme that is yoga based and designed to release tension, improve concentration and refresh mind and body.

Phase I
Ackowledging anything that may be impairing concentration, preoccupying mind or creating anxiety. Techniques to let it go -N.L.P Bringing focus to present and techniques to stay in 'here and now.'

Phase II
Posture work to promote deeper breathing and help back problems.

Phase III
Techniques and practice of breathing exercises to aid relaxation and increase oxygen supply to the brain.

Phase IV
Mobilisation of joints and gently strengthening excercises to prevent injury and improve flexibility.

Phase V
Chair aerobics to energise and lift mood by increasing production of endorphins in brain to combat depression.

Phase VI
Gentle stretching of whole body using yoga techniques.

All excercises can be done seated on chair with a standing finish.

It is not necessary to wear any special fitness clothing.

Programme can be used to awaken delegates
early morning or revitalise after lunch.

A delegates pack of excercises and techniques is available with this programme.

Costs for the above on request

Classes at Work

Pilates and Yogasculpt sessions can be arranged in the your workplace so long as there is a well ventilated, heated space big enough for everyone to lie down on a yoga mat, no special equipment is needed.

Cost for the above on request. This depends on the number of participants.

Please contact me for details or phone me for a chat about it.

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